February 5, 2013

Ocean House Rhode Island Enagment Session

I have been sitting on this submission for quite some time now. As I was putting it together, I couldn't stop smiling. Adam and Krissy may be the happiest couple that I have ever featured. They brighten your mood and make you believe in good and wholesome love. While this couple was hoping for sunshine, they made the fog romantic and intimate. No props. No sunshine which you know is my favorite. Nothing but happy hearts and a loving couple. I cannot thank Jessica Connery Photography enough for this engagement session!

{From the photographer}
Adam and Krissy's story: I have to say, in my opinion, he had the advantage. Standing well over six feet tall, he was able to see everyone at the party. He looked around at his friends who were all having a good time and smiled along with them. His good natured attitude and infectious smile proved he was having fun. When Krissy came in along with a date, Adam from his high vantage point, locked in on her and knew he had to talk to her. He didn't let the fact that she was at the party with a date stop him. When Adam sets his sights on something, he stays locked in on the focus point. Lucky for him Krissy's date wasn't turning out well. After some persistence, Adam left the party with her number. If I know Adam at all, I'm sure he also left with a grin the size of the Cheshire Cat. Their first date was a little rocky when, after a motorcycle accident, Krissy sat with Adam watching Roadhouse [his movie choice] while he recovered. Now, more than six years later they are ready to take on the next stage of life together. On a misty morning on the coast of Rhode Island, I met up with Krissy and Adam to shoot their engagement session. Although we had hoped for sun, Krissy and Adam showed us how romantic mist and fog can be. If I get to vote on the weather I would choose fog more often.

{Vendors} Photography: Jessica Connery Photography / Event Venue: The Ocean House / Submission: Two Bright Lights

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