February 4, 2013

Pep It Up Monday: Be Real + A Giveaway

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Sometimes I read blogs or watch my friends and think why don't I have it all together? Then I remember that appearances are fleeting and surface. Friends, I don't have it all together. Shocker, I know. There are days my house is a mess. Days where the laundry overflows. Days when there is a clump of Jane dog hair on my pretty wood floors. The biggest thing though is I love my family. I spend time with friends. I laugh a lot. I blog with purpose. I am having fun! Together is not fun. I am real. I was born to be real. Monday is not a day to rush or stress. It is a day to look back on your weekend and smile. Perfection is silly!

To celebrate the fabulous and real ladies that we are I thought why not a giveaway? Shulis Jewelry Design is giving away this gorgeous gold leaf necklace! Isn't it just perfect for your Valentine's date? We aren't big in to celebrating Valentine's Day so I would wear this necklace with sweats while sitting on the couch. You know I try to keep things romantic!

{More About Shuli}
My name is Shuli and I'm from Israel. I always have had a special interest in creating and crafting. Making jewelry is my latest passion which I have been doing in the past couple of years. I enjoy it very much. It inspires me and brings me joy! My second passion is sewing and I enjoy making bags, purses and wallets from inspiring fabrics. I have a shop on Etsy called Shulis where I sell my designs. You can also find me on Facebook.

Interacting with customers and knowing that they enjoy my jewelry is extremely fun for me! I love photographing, especially macro photography, so taking photos for my shop is another creative outlet for me. You can also find me model there. :) I love making delicate, subtle jewelry, especially in gold and with colorful beads. I currently make necklaces, earrings and bracelets and I'm always growing and adding new pieces that inspire me. I also recently graduated my B.Sc degree in industrial engineering and have been working in the field for the past two years.

Who wants to play? Comment below on where you plan on wearing this lovely necklace. Date night? An important meeting? First date? I just love this gem. It is simple and classic! We also ask you like both Shulis Jewelry Design on Facebook and Lovebird Productions. If commenting without a sign in option below, please leave an email address for us to contact you. The winner will be announced next Monday, February 11th.

Want more Shulis Jewelry? Thought so. Check out her stunning Etsy shop here. Enter coupon code LOVE20 from now until Valentine's Day for 20% off your entire order. Isn't she just fabulous? Happy Monday!

*Commenting multiple times below does not acquire multiple entries. For your entry, one comment below along with liking both Shulis on Facebook & Lovebird Productions. One comment person entry please.*


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  3. Shuli! Hello. I'm a new fan. This adorable necklace could definitely be apart of my everyday wardrobe. Can't wait to check out the other items in your Etsy Shop!

  4. What a lovely piece! :) As a stay at home mom/photographer, I don't have many chances to "dress up", however I would so love to add this to my daily wardrobe...insert a little glamour into my daily yoga pants and blue jeans! xo

  5. I love this delicate piece! It reminds me of Hawaii. I would wear it to dress up the casual denim shirt and shorts on a spring day or on a night out to a fun restaurant downtown with my hubby in my beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina. :)

  6. This necklace is so sweet. I usually only wear necklaces when I am wanting to feel a little fancy, so I would wear this necklace out on a date with my husband. I may also wear it to a job interview as a little extra something special.

  7. I would wear it to my bacherolette party!


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