January 9, 2013

Yellow, Red and Navy Vermont Autumn Wedding

You know those couples who could get married in a potato sack but their infectious smiles make the wedding just perfect? Yeah, Jess and Chad have just that. I found myself scrolling through each picture smiling bigger and bigger. They incorporated their sweet daughter, lots of color and hay. Who doesn't like a good hay ride? I just cannot get enough of this wedding or the couples happiness. Carefree and happy is a good look for your wedding day! Ampersand Wedding Photography I cannot thank you enough!

{Vendors} Photographer: Ampersand Wedding Photography / Caterer: The Nomadic Chef / Floral Designer: Stray Cat Florist / Equipment Rentals: Celebration Rentals / Event Venue: Bliss Ridge / Submission: Two Bright Lights


  1. I absolutely LOVE this wedding! Gorgeous!

  2. What a fabulous wedding! I'm loving all the colors.

  3. Yes, infectious smiles indeed. How wonderful!


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