January 10, 2013

Q & A: Trust in Relationships

I absolutely love Q & A Thursday. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy showing weddings & lovely couples to you throughout the week but something about Thursday is honest. Today we are talking about trust in relationships.

To me, a lot of factors play in to whom you trust and why you trust them. When Rusty and I started dating, he was a complete stranger and while some would be weary of relationships with strangers I trusted him wholeheartedly. I am the type of person who puts their trust in anyone until you give me a reason not to. My trust with Rusty continued to grow. I know that he has the best intentions for our relationship and marriage in mind. We are honest with one another, very honest. We communicate openly with one another. We depend on each other.

In past dating relationships, trust did not always come easy. I have made mistakes in relationships. I have not been confident in relationships. I have been just in a relationship to have a relationship. I know this sounds cliché but when you find the one your heart desires, trust should be natural. I never have doubted Rusty. Trust is a funny thing but we all deserve it. A few things to think about...

1. Confidence. I know that in relationships past I lacked confidence in myself and in the relationship. When that happens it is hard to put your trust in to someone else. You may not feel good enough to believe someone is being honest with you. You may feel insecure about your relationship and the direction it is headed. If that is the case, talk to your significant other. You are a special lady and until you realize that, being with someone else may not be the right decision. Remember, it is okay to take time to focus on you and you alone.

2. The right relationship. Oh, the right relationship. Ladies, be honest with yourself. Only you can know if you are in the right relationship. The right relationship looks different for everyone but no matter the differences they all should have trust. Never comprise.

3. Life happens. No matter what relationship, whether dating or friendship, life brings bumps in the road. As a couple how you handle those trials builds trust and character. You should never start a relationship with someone you do not trust. Building your life and giving away your heart should go to a person you can depend on 100% and know your heart is safe with them.

4. You always have to trust and be honest. This is so important. You have to trust the one you are with. If you cannot because of events past or things you have done, get out of the relationship. That may sound harsh but living your life not knowing if you can trust your boyfriend is not worth it and stressful. Trust is such a beautiful and healthy thing. I dated someone for three years throughout college and that relationship was extremely dysfunctional. I really thought about where the relationship was headed. I didn't trust him and after I realized that things ended quickly. I also knew there was no bouncing back with him or regaining of trust. When I met Rusty it was so natural and easy. I can remember thinking this is how it should be. Trust shouldn't be difficult and if it is say for your lack of confidence in yourself or things that have broken you down in the past, maybe a relationship is just not the right thing for you at the moment. Being single is okay, very much okay.

5. Trust yourself. Always remember this. Trust yourself. Trust your gut. Trust your heart and know that things work out the way they should....every time. We will never understand all the things that happen in our life but one thing you can always rely on is trusting your instincts.

With all this being said, you need to know what you stand for in a relationship. Trust should be simple and easy with whom you love. Believe in yourself and your relationship. Just a little food for thought.


  1. Great tips and advice - it's always nice for a reminder to read a post like this!

  2. Hi

    Thanks for useful tips !
    confidence and trust are always required to build a strong relationship.



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