January 11, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 84

The amount of joy it brings me to find the picture for each Love Song Friday post may be a problem. I love looking through blogs to find the right picture to make you smile. This week has been such a great week and the weekend will bring good things to. I just know it! Any exciting weekend plans? Each year I watch and follow the Miss America pageant. I never was the pageant type but I love to watch the show. Each woman is just amazingly gifted, smart, poised and doing wonderful things for her community. I usually treat myself to a bit of ice cream while watching the show which in turn seems a tad ironic. Ha!

{This week}
Monday: Classic White and Brown New Jersey Wedding
Tuesday: Family Farm Engagement Session
Wednesday: Yellow, Red and Navy Vermont Autumn Wedding
Thursday: Q & A: Trust in Relationships

{Around the Web}
Stop by Burnett's Boards because you will not regret it one bit
Fab You Bliss stuns with this two part plantation wedding {Part 1 & Part 2}
Heart Love Weddings created this fabulous DIY zinc cake topper plus they are celebrating rustic weddings for one WHOLE month. Alexandra is brilliant.

Love Song Friday. Just those words alone make me giddy. Yes, giddy! I love what music does for your soul. Bad by The Cab is a favorite of mine and while this song may not equal true love it does make you dance. Who doesn't love a good dance session to start your weekend? See, I knew you would see my point. Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love it that you watch the pageant & eat ice cream...ha! Happy Friday!!

  2. Awww thanks for the mention in this lovely roundup!


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