January 18, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 85

Happy Friday! Can I just say that I am so glad that you are here? I really am. I am happy to start my weekend with you. Thank you for continuing to read Lovebird Productions. As for new fans, I am thrilled you stopped by and hope that you will continue to.

When I started Love Song Friday on the blog back in 2011, it has been one series that has never stopped. I love when readers make a request for their favorite song. Even though I started blogging Love Song Friday a few years back, it has been a part of my life for many years.

It all started with a girl and a dream. Ha! Just kidding. But it did start with two college roommates. Summer and I decided that we would create a playlist and keep adding to it. The playlist was full of our favorite love songs. Every Friday while getting ready, we would dance around our teeny tiny apartment and sing as loud as we could. Bonus: we got in some good cardio.

It is a tradition that has never stopped. Every Friday I play songs that move me, excite me and make me remember where I have come from. We were to little girls in college with no idea of the future. Now we are both married, living in states far away from our families, have started new chapters in our lives but our friendship is still the same. It is even stronger.

So for me Love Song Friday is not just some reoccurring post. It is a memory. It is your favorite dance move. It is singing as loud as you can. It is feeling what music does to your soul. It is a pick me up for the week you have had. It is college. It is a promise for happy days. It is a part of me....and Summer. Treat yourself to Love Song Friday.

{Love Song Friday circa 2009 in that teeny apartment.}

Warning: you will play today's song over and over. Phew. I just had to warn you. Lemonade by Jeremy Passion is one of those songs you hear randomly on your Pandora station and go uh, yes! The icing on the Love Song Friday cake is that this version is with a ukulele. It is amazing! Enjoy your weekend and spend time doing what you love and with who you love!


  1. At the law firm I used to manage, I made it a thing every Friday, (since most of the attorneys were already gone for the weekend), to blast a few fun songs throughout the office to kick off the weekend and kind of say "thank you" to the staff for a job well done. They loved it and so did I. Music really does make the world a happier place! Happy Friday friend!!!

  2. Love this post :-D and great song choices!


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