February 22, 2018

Happy Little Lists, Volume 1

Because sometimes I need to stop and list the things that make me happy. Big and small.

Hoping this simple post can become a regular part of this blog.

Snail mail
Making coffee as the sun rises
Quiet moments in the midst of everything happening around me
Planning getaways with my little family
Slowing down to write this list
A really good workout
The smell and anticipation of a new book
Curling up next to Rusty each night
Waking up to Skip's feet walking down the hall
Over easy eggs
Time for pinterest
Long, hot bubble baths in my parents old tub
A good recipe that dirties up my entire kitchen
Marcy dog kisses
Pedicures that involve bright spring polish
A song playing on my playlist that brings new inspiration
Garden planning
Writing down my thoughts and hopes and dreams
Singing as loud as I can with the car windows down
Chick-fil-a soft serve ice cream

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