February 19, 2018

February Goals

Can I start by saying that March goals already include blogging my monthly goals before the mid-month mark? HA! At least I have them written down. Right?

Before we dive into my goals for this month, let's recap January.

Find a delicious recipe and bake a chicken.
Style and photograph wedding invites.
Finish reading Big Magic. I am still working on this goal. Reading every day for 30 minutes is a goal I am toying with for March. I tend to go in spurts with reading. I read 3-4 books then take a break for a month or two. Working to complete Big Magic. Don't think it isn't good; just hasn't been a top priority this past month.
Begin the contentment challenge.

The other day while scrolling Pinterest I saw a post that immediately made me nod my head. It said, "The most effective way to do it, is to do it." Such simple thinking but powerful friends. Your way works. Done is always, always better than perfect. Let's get stuff done.

February Goals

Clean out our junk drawer. Does everyone have one of these? Ours is crazy. In the upcoming months I want to tackle a deep clean of our home. My hope is to have gone through, organized and downsized our stuff. Makes cleaning easier!

Celebrate Rusty's 34th birthday! Actually I can already check this off. We celebrated with ice cream cake and the Super Bowl. Rusty also spent the day of his birthday playing softball which is one of his favorite things.

One day a week without tv. It just helps keep me focused and give priority to what I need to accomplish.

Memorize two Bible verses. Each morning I quietly read my bible in our family room with coffee. While it is one of my favorite things (I love getting out of bed for my morning routine), I feel I am not retaining scripture. When I am over thinking things, I want to recall a scripture for that. When I am questioning next steps, I want a scripture for that. If you have a favorite verse, send it along!

Make homemade chicken stock. Following this recipe!

Finish Big Magic. :)

Book our family vacation! We are looking to stay in our favorite beach town, Seaside. A week of sun and family and slow and beach time and book reading and mimosas and seafood and bike rides and yoga and sleep and taking photos. See what I mean. I need this vacation!

Excited to hear your goals. What do you want to accomplish this month? Hey, you still have time. Little progress adds up.

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