Hi there. My name is Katie Farrin. And welcome to my little space of blog happiness.

This space was created with the intention to be a place of happiness, encouragement and joy. Lots and lots of joy. You deserve every day joy.

What do I blog about? Everything. Life. Home. Babies. Every day victories/realities. Again everything. So read along.

I am a small business creative with a little shop on Creative Market called Happily June. I love taking images of products and travels. It brings so much inspiration and true intention to my every day. Want to work together? Email me and we can chat. Or just email so we can chat about life. I like that idea too!

When I am not working I am loving on our sweet as pie son Skip. We are also making plans to welcome a little girl (Clara June) the first of July. I am married to my best friend and live in comedian, Rusty. We have two puppies (Jane Irene and Marcy Lynn) that we treat like babies and well, they love it. And we do too!

We just bought a true Southern home with a big porch and are working to make it ours. We were blessed with the opportunity to purchase the same home that I spent a large part of my childhood growing up in, my grandparents house. I dream of decorating it with color, mid century modern everything, lots of books and believe in immense sunshine coming through my windows.

R and I have been married six years this October and have moved a total of six times and lived in two different states. If you would have asked me if we would have moved to a new state as newlyweds I would have laughed but I am also learning that I love adventure. I love visiting new cities, eating good foods and seeing new treasures. Like I mentioned, we moved to San Antonio, Texas in 2011 and we both miss that place so much. B-u-t we also love being back in the natural state, Arkansas. We currently live in a small town with a historic square and coffee shop that was the best thing that ever happened to this town (well in my opinion). Our town is little but charming.

I am so glad that you are here. It means a lot to me. I hope you will stick around and we can become friends. I mean that. Aren't the little moments the best? Let's make more of those or at least slow down for them.

Image via Felicia Hausman Photography

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