July 6, 2017

A Big Refresh

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Well here we are.

A fresh start.

A bringing back of the blog.

For about a year now (with writing off and on), I have thought what is this space exactly? Obviously I love it. I really do feel something special when I start to type. Apparently people other than my husband (hey babe!) read this. But what is my theme? What is my message? What is my hope with each word that I write type?

You know that is the biggest thing with social media, a presence, your words. Your theme, what is it? And I have finally figured it out...


My life. The things happening around me. My heart. My home. My babies. My photos. Posts full of things on my mind. Posts with funny moments. Posts with a call to action. Posts with inspiration. The best theme of all. A true reflection of real life. My real life.

This space is changing, just like I continue to do.

So I hope you will start to follow along with this space again. Oh and the newsletter. You should be getting it soon too! If you aren't signed up, you can here.

Let's cultivate that friendship. Let's grow together. Let's celebrate the goodness of this one life.

Lord, bless this space.

katie farrin blog headshot

katie farrin blog headshot

katie farrin blog headshot

katie farrin blog headshot

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