January 19, 2017

Our New Mudroom

Guys, we are officially in our new house. Yep, we sold our other one, bought our new one and already started pulling the wallpaper off the walls. We have an uncanny gift for finding homes with every room covered in wallpaper. Officially adding that skill to my resume.

We moved the day after Christmas which I wouldn't recommend to a single soul. We packed the garage to the gills and then moved in with my parents for 10 days. Yep, 29 and living at home. On a side note I have no idea why people are not a fan of others who move back in with their parents. My mom and dad cooked dinner every night, I didn't buy groceries for almost two weeks, my mom washed all my laundry and more importantly, helped wrangle our children. For those who still live at home, I totally get it.

The new house is set up differently than we had seen in the 85 others we looked at. And when I say 85 I hope you wonder is she being sarcastic or was it really 85? It was pretty close.

A little background on our new casa: It was built in the early 50's. It has the original wood floors and underwent two additions in the 70's. One addition was a new living room with a wood burning fireplace that we plan to make our main living room and a two car garage. When the garage was added they placed it in the rear of the home and attached it to the rear bedroom (they share walls). Since the garage didn't connect with our back door it created a covered breezeway from our garage to our back door. It is different and I can't quite comment on my feelings of it because surprise! the garage is still packed to the gills with stuff. In other words we aren't using the garage the way we plan to use it just yet. 

So how did our mudroom come to be? When you enter the backdoor you are in a space that leads to the bedrooms (turn left) and the kitchen (turn right). In front of you was a closet with bi-fold doors. It had space to store coats and shoes but when I saw the space I envisioned a built-in bench seat with storage bins and wall hooks. I pinned a few images, shared them with R and then our contractor made it happen. 

We absolutely LOVE this part of our home. It is functional, simple and serves a purpose. The hooks are from Home Depot here in aqua blue and the woodwork is painted an eggshell white while the bench seat is stained classic gray from Minwax.
I am including one before picture and one during photo because that is how nice I am. I do hope you read that with sarcasm. 

This first picture needs some explaining/orientation. The closet to the left with the doors is what was ripped out. The laundry room is front and center in this picture and then if you turn right your hit our back door. 

Our contractor brought in a kind, kind man named Victor to do our woodwork. Victor looked at our picture and two days later this. To say I wanted to adopt him is an understatement. Rusty kept saying, Katie, he has a family. He doesn't want ours. To which I replied, Back off Rusty. Victor is moving in and woodworking all the things. Needless to say, Victor is still home with his family. There is always hope and that second bathroom we haven't finished.

And now for the best part. (Hallelujah chorus starts now.)

Decor: White frame - Ikea, Wooden frame, aqua frame and pillow  - TJ Maxx, Yellow print (free with newsletter sign up) - Amen Paper Company, Cactus Watercolor - Design for Soul , Hunny Lettering - Me, Hooks - Home Depot, Wood stain in Classic Gray - Minwax

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