September 6, 2016

September Goals

Friends! How was your extended weekend? 100% awesome? Great! We are truly in the home stretch of 2016. Isn't that crazy? I don't know about you but fall is the busiest time of year for us. Our weekends are slowly filling up but I don't mind because this time of year is full of family time and adventure.

Personally when September rolls around I am like...Decorate for fall! Get out the pumpkins! Where is my scarf collection? Oh it is still 98 degrees outside? Who cares! Sweat in the scarves. As in I lose my mind for fall. A sweet lady in the store the other day was looking at pumpkin decorations. She moved her cart to let Clara and I pass as I complimented the cute pumpkin she was holding. She said she didn't need anymore fall decor but to her she loved fall more than the Christmas season. I think I am almost there too.


1. Continue my journey to a healthier Katie. I may write a post on this. I may not but I am learning my health story. We are done with having babies (well to our knowledge) and with that brings getting back into shape. It is crazy to think for the last 3 years I have been nursing or pregnant. Glad to get back to me not just with health but also style. It can be hard to make mommy time for working out or make an excuse for bad food choices but I am working on it. Not only am I working out but also exploring why and when I eat. Why being that I am an emotional eater and when as to how much a day I eat. Again, dipping my toe back into being happy and health and emotionally/physically challenged.

2. Run two miles 3 times a week. See point 1. Getting back into running isn't easy but I love the way it makes me feel. Plus it makes more mommy time. Mommy time = healthy things that make my children miss me and me miss them. ;)

3. Stay within our budget. The Farrins have lived a summer full of remodeling and paying for remodeling. We always think we have enough pennies saved. False, never enough pennies. I want to spend this month not pulling from savings or using a credit card. Watch out world! Also does goals like getting into shape and being financially responsible make me an adult? Reading this list is making me laugh out loud. Keep going. It gets better!

4. Plan + execute Skip's birthday party! I finished the invites this weekend and am putting them into the mail this week. We are hosting a Mickey Mouse themed party complete with pizza, football and a bouncy house. Things left to do: print + mail invites, order cake, order t-shirt for the birthday boy, put down deposit on bouncy house and search out a possibility for a piƱata. That entire list is more for me than for you.

5. Getaway with my husband sans kids. We need it. Rusty and I were joking that while we didn't leave Skip for more than one night until he was 18 months and Clara is breaking the record at 2 months. Maybe it is having a second child? Maybe it is the zest for more experiences? Maybe it is a travel bug? Rusty and I are venturing to New Orleans this weekend and I CANNOT WAIT. City exploring and breast pump packing! ;)

6. Find a new house. Say what? Yep. The Farrins are house hunting. So far we have put in two offers and been completely rejected on one and couldn't find a happy medium on the other. Back to the drawing board. I should be blogging this whole journey because we are a different category of home buyers. We want a home with charm and character but that needs love. No turn key for us which isn't the norm. We need a house!

Can I add that this list are my goals for September but if I don't complete them all I am finding true grace for myself? Grace in not getting everything done. Grace in finding my grove with two kids. Grace in my faults. Grace in my anxiety. Y'all, we don't have to do it all. I could add 10 more things that need to happen to this list but I am finding that keeping things easy is the way to go. Also praying for what God wants me to get done. You extend grace to others. Why not yourself as well?

Happy September friends! Pumpkin everything!

Images via Awaken Wonder Photography and mommy ;)

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