July 1, 2016

Dear Clara

Dear sweet Clara June,

You are already a loved little girl. We joke with your daddy that he is a goner. Mommy may get bumped down a little seeing how much he spoils you but mommy is okay with that. Your daddy had the best example of the ultimate girl dad with your grandpa.

The greatest lesson I tell friends about pregnancy is you truly learn patience. That is the stage mommy is in. One moment I absolutely cannot wait a second longer to meet you then I am lovingly reminded that the longer you bake the more time I get with my best guys. Skip is excited for a sister! He kisses and hugs my belly all the time. He reaches his arms out in front of him, tilts his head to hug you and says Ahhhh! He loves you so Clara. I think the attention you receive will never run out.

When I was pregnant with your brother I dreamed of a little girl. I knew I could raise a little girl from dressing her to playing with her toys to helping her navigate teen years. I knew I wanted a girl but God blessed me with a boy first. And your big brother is just that, a big blessing. You both are. One of my biggest fears that I never talked about much is if I could have babies or not. For years I lived in fear of not being able to have babies. At first it was a big fear that ultimately became reality with mistakes mommy has made plus the body that I have. But God has transformed every bit of my past and my womb. He is good. He is so good.

You are my miracle baby. Before we got pregnant with your brother we were told I didn't ovulate but not to worry. Things like this happen more than I realized with other women and that when the time came our doctor would help us. After having your bubs I was showing all the same signs again but God decided he was bigger than a magic pill and he placed you inside my womb. The timing of it all doesn't make sense in the world of medicine yet you have thrived inside of me. You, my sweet girl, are 100% a miracle baby. A baby that biologically doesn't add up but you lay in waiting. God is worthy of all the praise. He loves you. I love you. We all love you and one day I will tell you all about how truly fortunate we are to have you.

While pregnant I have prayed for a laid back baby girl that loves to sleep and has mommy's curls. The sleep part comes from a brother who loved to be awake, at night, all the time. Be kind to me sweet love. Ha! We are eager to see your face and kiss your lips and make you a part of our lives. We are waiting with patience and an eager heart. You will do wonderful things sweet baby. We love you.

Image via Awaken Wonder Photography

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