January 19, 2016

Christmas Morning

Here it is!

Our family Christmas almost a month after Christmas. My timing is impeccable.

While I will be back later this week with life updates, goals, happy times, I wanted to share our morning in photos. I am a stickler for it just being us on Christmas morning. I know it may not always be possible to do but I truly love waking up in our home with my fur babies and Skip. And R too!

We didn't do too much for Skip minus a few books, a kitchen, a giant Mickey and some puzzles we still had back from his birthday. The best tip someone gave me at Skip's first birthday party was your child doesn't need all of this so put it up in a closet somewhere and give it when he does. About two months ago we had a rainy day and Skip just didn't understand why he couldn't go out in the cold rain. I thought of our birthday stash of toys and we pulled out a little drum set. He loved it! Again, best piece of advice.

Onto the gifts: The books Skip loves are the Biscuit series. He got Biscuit Meets the Baby, Biscuit Goes Camping and Biscuit Goes to School. This child loves Biscuit. I cannot adequately pin/type the words to convey his obsession with Biscuit. Needless to say he was thrilled to unwrap those books at Christmas. As for the kitchen, I will share my reasoning behind that purchase in a later post. ;) But in case you want it, I got it on amazon here. It was less than this by about $30 so not sure if a holiday deal or what? The giant Mickey Mouse was a Walmart Black Friday purchase for a few bucks. It stays in his reading tent with his blankets and pillows.

I was really impressed with Skip and the interaction between him and the Christmas tree. He did really good not messing with ornaments. He would pet the tree or just sit and stare at the lights. He didn't really like unwrapping gifts like we thought he would. Overall, we had the best Christmas with family and friends. We hosted people for over a week and I cooked a ton of goodies. It felt so good especially in my new kitchen (which I hope to update you on soon)!

I hope your new year is off to a good start. Hugs to you!

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