May 20, 2015

T. Swift / 1989 Tour

Has it really been two weeks since I blogged? I know. I miss being around these parts too. I wish I could say that I will be around more and while I do have millions of blog posts floating around in the old noggin', it just isn't in the cards right now. I am trying everything I can to be so present in Skip's life. I just haven't found the balance yet.

Now while I haven't spent much time away from my babe, tonight mommy is going out. And yes I will probably be one of the oldest willingly (not going because of my child) people there.

Taylor Swift it is (in concert needed to clarify in not to sound like I am having her over for dinner.) Ha.
You all know how much I love her. Her music, her charm, her personality, her image, her kindness, her talent. Oh and this blog post further proves it.

So in other words I am girling out tonight. Singing my heart out, dancing and coming home hoarse. That is my goal. Eeeep, Taylor I am coming.

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