March 20, 2015

My Skincare Routine

One of my goals for 2015 is to live a healthier lifestyle. I am slowly but surely getting there. I want to use cleaner products but that also means I don't just throw what I have now away. I am building a skincare regimen I love. It takes time, shopping around and trial + error.

Right now I am hooked on yes products. As in totally in love with them. Each product smells fresh and doesn't feel heavy. In my daily routine I use their moisturizer with spf, their night cream, their cc cream and blueberry face wash. All yes products are petroleum, SLS and paraben + cruelty free. Another thing about yes is they give back. With each purchase a part of it is donated to help feed children who are hungry. Yeah, total win. Natural skincare that is affordable plus giving back equals success.

(Note: not all of their products are 100% natural. Most are in the 90 - 100% range. They print it right on the label so no misleading.)

So here is one of my favorite things and products, tomato clearing facial mask. Here is how I use it:

1. Take a ridiculous photo of yourself. Seriously, that is the first step. ;)

2. Give your face a good wash. I used yes to blueberries smoothing daily cleanser. You can shop other flavors like grapefruit, carrot and cucumber here.

3. Apply the yes to tomatoes clearing mask. A little goes a long way. It will harden on your face over time but doesn't get to where you cannot move your face. This product helps oily or acne prone skin. I don't really have either. I just really, really love this mask.

You have to wait about 5 minutes. So paint your nails during this time or in my case realize how dirty your bathroom is and clean it. This happens every time.

I use this mask once a week. It is my mommy getaway time. I go in the bathroom, close the door and apply.

4. Step 4 is going to be hard but I recommend taking more ridiculous photos of yourself. It really makes the best of your 5 minute time. The worse the better. Let me show you...

Now look off into your future...

5. Now take warmish warm and wash the mask off.

Warning: you are going to love how your skin feels. Like really love it and then that usually means more photos of yourself.

*yes products in no way paid me to tell you all this great stuff about them...yada, yada. I just really love their stuff. It is carried in my small town, is affordable and makes me feel like a beauty queen. So there.*

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