February 19, 2015

66 Day Journey Reboot, Of Course

Yeah, you totally read that right. I am having to start over. And yes, I have excuses but with the start of Lent I won't diverge them to you.

I wrote a post about starting over and 66 days of newness here and it felt great. That first week I was on top of every day making the most of it and then...

And then...

life. But that is the whole point of this journey. To make a task become a healthy habit no matter what life throws at me. Thus I am starting over and with lent here it is the perfect time to.

//Ways I am staying on track this time//

I have accountability. My best friend is currently doing the same bible study as me and working out with me. We are both working towards goals and this journey fits right into the changes we are both wanting to see.

The thought that swimsuit season is up us and our family just booked a beach trip. Gulp. So yeah, that is that point in a nutshell. Here is the thing I don't want to be skinny...I want to be healthy. I want to be able to play with my baby and feel confident doing it (whether in a bathing suit or a pair of sweats).

New bible study. I am loving my lent devotional from Naptime Diaries. (Get it here. Printable version available) It is so challenging. Every single word.

It is all in how I start my day. I start my day with a nice smelling candle, my favorite pen, my devotion and a big, big cup of coffee. I have to start my day before anyone else wakes up. It is my me time. BUT if that doesn't happen the day can't be a wash. I still have these goals of working out and reading his word.

Blogging about it. This is big for me. Blogging or journaling this experience keeps me motivated and accountable. Ask me about it. Push me. I don't mind.

Start day: Thursday, February 19th
End day: Saturday, April 25th

Join me on the #66dayjourney. Seriously, join me!

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