December 4, 2014

Two Months with Skip

Yes, I know that this post is coming to you literally two weeks late but that is life. Especially with a sweet newborn.

I think I say 100 times a day what a ham Skipper is. He makes us laugh by smiling and belly laughing or by pouting and sticking his bottom lip out. He is pure magic to me. I just love this boy.

Skip loves: reading books, napping on mommy, snuggling, bath time, nursing, mom and dad talking to him, kicking his legs constantly, smiling and standing up with help (of course).


What was life before you? Honestly, mommy and daddy are nothing without you baby boy. You make us both so happy.

We love waking up to you and being the last thing we kiss goodnight. You are such a blessing and your personality is definitely developing. Each morning mommy finds a new roll on you. We kiss you easily 1,000 times a day and we pour love into every kiss. We love you baby. You make life grand.


P.s. I promise to start blogging about things other than my child. I promise. :)

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