November 28, 2014

Skip's Birth Story, Part 2

I know. I am all about the suspense. But alas, this post is happening thanks to nap time and our schedule for Skip. Oh and lots of coffee. Also the fact that it is happening in less than a month since the first part is a miracle. I am silently patting myself on the back. So that sentence was written over a month ago. I am the worse at hitting publish and proofreading. I have about 10 posts archived but until they get read over once then I can't do it (even though I am not the best at proofing).

In case you haven't read part 1 of Skip's birth story, here it is. We left off with me entering labor and delivery.

I was so nervous. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears. I had read about labor, researched it, practiced a method but we were actually here to have this baby. Eeeep.

We entered the doors (Rusty, my mom and I) and was greeted by Lacey, our awesome night nurse. She checked us in on the computer and showed us to our room. The delivery room was spacious and relaxing. I changed into my gown, had blood work done, an iv port (for emergencies) put in and the monitors for contractions and the babes heartbeat hooked to me. I sat in the bed and Rusty and I argued between watching Sunday Night Football and the Miss America Pageant. We settled on switching back and forth between the shows. P.s. Miss Arkansas got into the top five but we already knew that.

My mom, Rusty and I waited for the first round of medicine. With the induction, the plan was to take two little white pills. One dose would be administered to see if it would jump start labor. If that didn't work six hours or so later I would take a second pill. If that one didn't work then they would start me on Pitocin which I was admittedly against. I prayed the pills would work. When I showered before showing up to the hospital I lost my mucus plug so I was hoping that the pills would soften my cervix enough to start labor.

Around 8:30 p.m., Lacey (nurse) came in to give me the first pill. And our instructions were to just wait. I was given ice chips and continued to watch Miss America. I was also texting a few friends with updates. It was so nice having my mom and Rusty there. We got to goof off and they kept me occupied. I was feeling nothing at this point. Around 11:30 p.m. the nurse came in to check on me. Since I hadn't made any progress, Lacey told us that I could have one last meal before they gave me another pill. Rusty headed to Taco Bell for a super nutritional meal. I hadn't had Taco Bell in months so you can imagine to what it did to my stomach. Lovely.

After we ate, I was wide awake. Rusty pulled out the chair bed and tried to get some sleep while mom and I walked the halls of the hospital. It was so quiet and mom and I got to talk to one another. We went to the nursery to see if their were any other babies. No such luck. We talked with nurses and kept walking. Since I hadn't done much walking or exercise due to being on bed rest, I got tired pretty quickly. Note: I also was too pregnant for my gown to close in the back so I had to wear a gown like a coat to cover my butt but not before I took a picture of the lovely image you are picturing right now. :) Welcome.

Mom and I came back to the room and I climbed in bed. I was so restless. Mom worked on her computer while I put together puzzles on the iPad. Around 3:30 a.m. Lacey came in to check on us and administer the second pill. Mom suggested I try to sleep but I just couldn't. I finally got tired and drifted off to sleep around 4 a.m. At 6 a.m. I woke up to the urge to pee. Mom and Rusty were still sleeping so I got up to move out of the bed and unhooked the monitors. When I sat up it felt like a balloon popped inside of me. I was so confused as to what was happening. It took me a moment to realize my water just broke. Progress!!

I shouted so loud, "MOM! My water broke!" Rusty and my mom both jolted out of their sleep. Mom went and got the nurse for me. Lacey helped me to the restroom and suggested I take a shower since I was officially in labor. Once he calmed down, Rusty ran home to take care of our dogs while mom helped me shower. I took a long hot shower and couldn't believe how quickly my contractions started. They were coming non-stop...already.

Again, my plan was to labor naturally. After my shower I got back into my gowns and climbed into bed to labor the way I had practiced. Once Rusty got back, my mom went and got breakfast for her and Rusty. She brought it back in the room and it smelled so bad. I hadn't had an aversion to scents at all until that day. Her and Rusty ate breakfast quickly outside the room and came back in to help me labor. They took turns rubbing my back, moving me around the room, helping me breath in and out and to all our surprises I am very verbal when in labor. I mean shouting and moaning...loudly. I joked that if anyone was coming to the hospital thinking they were in labor, heard me, turned around and left fast. I could be heard all throughout labor and delivery.

I labored in the bed, in the rocking chair, the shower, standing up and on the birthing ball. I loved the birthing ball best. I could rock my hips and shift the pain in my pelvis. We had a new day nurse named Lisa. She has been friends with my mom for a while and pre-registered us for our labor a few weeks earlier. Lisa came in to check me and I was at a four. I felt I had a good grip on my pain at that point. I didn't want to know where I was at on the scale of dilation. I didn't want to be discouraged if I wasn't as far as I thought.

My contractions were consistent but were all different time lengths. They would last one minute then a minute and a half then 45 seconds. They were odd and back to back. I rarely got a break in between and if they did break the next one was beyond tough to manage. I continued to labor and all the sudden felt like I needed to push. My mom rushed to get Lisa (the nurse). She checked me and I was at a 7. Not time to push and I was so sad. I was sure it was it.

I continued to labor at a 7. At this point I was starting to break. I started crying and didn't think I could carry on. Another time I shouted it was time to push in which the nurse came in and said I was still at a 7. Lisa suggested that I lay on my left side. I didn't want to lay in bed but I did and gripped the side of the bed like a vice. My contractions were not letting up. I wasn't getting a break in between them. I kept praying that this would be the last one. Two hours later and I was still at a 7. When the nurse said that number out loud I lost it. I couldn't do the pain anymore and began to cry.

Lisa asked if I wanted anything for the pain. I begged for it. My mom asked if I was sure because I had planned on no medicine at all. Lisa asked if I wanted an epidural. I said no immediately. She told me my only option was pain medicine like demerol. I agreed. Lisa told me that I would still feel each contraction but that I would start to get a break in between them. She also warned me that administering the medicine would burn my hand (where the port was located). She started to give me the medicine and I didn't feel a thing. My contractions were so strong.

I would contract and then pass out asleep. After just an hour with a dose of demerol I went from a 7 to ready to push. My mom joked that I should have asked for the medicine sooner. It was 1:45 p.m. when Lisa entered and wanted me to start pushing. I was still laying on my left side. I was so ready for this baby to get here that I was determined to figure out how to push and push fast.

Lisa had me lift my right leg in the air and pull it to my chest. She told me to push through the entire contraction. If I took a break and the contraction was still going I was to catch my breath and go again. I started pushing and realized that I loved pushing because it took my mind off the contractions. I didn't feel the pain anymore when I was pushing. I pushed on my left side for about 15 minutes. Then Lisa lowered the end of the bed and placed a bar across the bed. She told me to get into a squatting position. It hurt to rest on the bed while sitting because Skip had already moved down so much. Lisa told me to pull up over the bar and push through the contraction. I started doing this and felt completely exhausted. I was wearing thin. At one point Lisa got an oxygen mask and told me I had to wear it. I got really frustrated because it was distracting me from pushing. My mom told me later that Skip's heartbeat was dropping after the contractions and the oxygen helped us both.

Then Lisa was below me on the floor. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. I remember thinking why is she on her phone right now?!?!?! I was so mad. Ha! Lisa then said into the phone, "We are ready for you in two." She was calling Donya (our doctor). We were so close but I didn't realize this.

It seemed like Donya appeared out of nowhere. She literally walked through the door in what seemed like two seconds after the call. The room was a buzz with Lisa, another nurse and our doctor, Donya. The warmer was kicked on. A cart with tools and cloths was rolled in. The stirrups were thrown up on the side of the bed. It was all a blur.

Donya told me to push. Her voice was so calm and reaffirming. It was the peace I needed. Her facial expressions were exhilarating. That is the thing about our doctor. She has birthed soooooo many babies but always acted like we were her first priority and it was exciting each time. Rusty was behind me helping me lift up to push while my mom held my gown up to block his view of anything. Note: Rusty sees blood and collapses. I am surprised he didn't get admitted to the hospital for passing out. Really surprised.

I felt his head moving down. It was surreal. I pushed for around an hour. I remember hearing, "His head. I can see it. You won't believe what is on top of his head." It was the motivation I needed. Did he have hair? What color was it? Who did he look like? Then the ring of fire. My doctor placed numbing medicine on me which was miraculous. Then out came his head. It felt glorious to get his head out. Donya told me to push his shoulders out. I gave it my all and felt them slide out. I couldn't believe he was about to be here. One more push and at 2:51 p.m. on September 15th our beautiful, sweet as pie son was born. Donya put him on my chest and I just stared in awe. Was this real? It was such a rush. Rusty and I just stared at him. I looked up to see Rusty crying. It was amazing y'all. I cannot describe how wonderful it felt to hold Skip.

He is such a joy and like they always say about becoming a parent but something just happens that you cannot explain. Just like that, he became our world.

(Taken a few weeks ago. He is the cutest.)

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