August 5, 2014

August Goals

Everyone always starts these posts with How is it already August? And of course, I am thinking the same thing but never fully August. August is my birthday month and I love birthdays. I posted this list of some of my favorite birthday wishes for this year and between my mum and husband all were fulfilled. It doesn't get any better than that? And yes, I am fully aware that it makes me sound like a brat but I am okay with that.

//Hang plus hem guest bedroom curtains//
I had to hem the nursery curtains and I was totally game considering my sweet mum bought me a sewing machine (mentioned below) two black Friday's ago. But the thing is we have moved so much and I have never plugged the thing up or found a permanent home for it. Thus, it is still sitting in a closet. My sweet friend due around the same time as me told me to try the iron and heat tape to hem the curtains. I may be addicted. I finished the nursery curtains and even my husband who doesn't know anything about hemming has complemented them. I want to hem everything. Good news, I have six panels waiting for me.

//True deep clean of the entire house//
Guys, we have a baby coming and while others call it nesting I call it normal Katie cleaning. I want to wipe down the baseboards, steam clean the carpet, dust the fan, wash the linens... You get the picture. Want to come help? Good! :)

//Finish A-L-L thank you notes for showers//
I secretly adore writing thank you notes. It is such a lost art but not in the Farrin household. My mum raised me to write a thank you note for any gift or act of kindness I recieve and I do. Rusty had to do the same in his house. Last year for his birthday I told him he had to write his thank you notes and that I wasn't writing them. He wrote to his mom, Growing up I had a mother who made me write thank you notes. Now I have a wife who makes me do it. Love, Rusty. Haha. We can work on it with him.

//Read Bringing Up BeBe//
I started yesterday and have had a hard time putting it down. It is so good and I am just scratching the surface. I promise to let you know my thoughts.

//Commit to nursery wall art//
So, commit and hang it.

//Pack a hospital bag//
Say what? I know. I need to do this by mid/end of August. Rusty freaked when I brought this up the other day. I secretly like freaking him out. Seeing a trend in baby related items? This is the last full month of no babe. Bah.

//Get my mom over here to set up my sewing machine//
See hemming curtains above.

//Plan three totally different date nights for R and I//
We are moving into the last weeks as a couple of two so date nights it is. I want to plan three completely different and fun nights just for Rusty and I. I love that man and want to celebrate this time we have now. He has rocked this pregnancy.

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