June 12, 2014

Dear Baby Boy // Volume 1

Dear Baby Boy,

Well, we are almost to the third trimester and I really don't know where the time went. Your dad and I talked about having a baby and we are doing it.

We talk about you a lot. We wonder what you will look like? We wonder what hobbies you will enjoy? We wonder if you will sing like mommy? (Well, maybe just me on the last one.)

We cannot wait to see you smile, hear you giggle, hear your choos. I love you baby. I really do.

I am scared though. Will I be a good mommy? Will you love your new home? Will the puppies learn to be quiet and let you sleep?

So far you love to be active especially in the mornings. You love music. You enjoy pushing an elbow or hand against my stomach every night as I get ready for bed. You make yourself known and I wouldn't change that about you.

Only 14 more weeks until I am due to hold you in my arms.

I pray for you baby. I pray for you constantly.

This mommy of yours is so smitten.

See you soon son,


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