April 2, 2014

She Lives + A Countdown

Hi. Yes, I am alive. Sorry friends. I took some time off with having a little Spring Break vacation. But it was so good and productive for this largely growing pregnant gal.

Rusty and I took a little trip to Hot Springs for the week (he took some time off) and I cannot wait to share all those photos. Soon, I pinky promise.

But for today....

All my life I have heard to not wish time away and I totally get why. I really do. But I am so excited for things to come I cannot help it.

Each morning I get up, read my Bible, eat, pray and thank God for that day. But then I open this computer, start typing and thinking of all that is ahead of me. I decided that I would make a little countdown and then leave it on this page. Almost like a virtual reminder of the good and the things we have overcome.

Maybe typing this will help me get it all out.

  • Roughly 40 days left of teaching. This means Summer.
  • 22 days until my Senior students leave the classroom. I am so excited for them!
  • 1 day until I get to go hear my baby again.
  • Around 120 days until my birthday.
  • 28 days until we know if we are having a boy or a girl.
  • 169 days (according to my due date) until I am a baby mommy. Yes, I had to calculate that.
  • A few hours until I am fast asleep with my husband and puppy.

I am thankful for this season in my life. I didn't think I would ever l-o-v-e being pregnant this much. Yes, it isn't summer yet but I love it. I love the way this baby makes me feel too. Sounds like I need to share a pregnancy post.

Thank you for letting me talk about this baby. This is my online journal but everyone has been so kind with my updates.

I think you are grand doll. And today is your day...

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