March 20, 2014

Why does a baby make a to-do list double?

Honestly, why does it? I started making a list of the things I want accomplished before the baby arrives. It is so odd to me that I have started doing this but it just kicked in. Maternal to-do's maybe? I don't know where it came from. I just feel like I need to get stuff done.

I cannot complain about this pregnancy because other than a hurt back and lots of sleep, I feel good but running errands now is exhausting. I cannot imagine when I am further along in the dead of summer.

Another funny note, I swore like a trillion times, all my life, bet money on it, swore that I would not get pregnant during the summer. I could not imagine 100 degree weather and 30 extra pounds. And guess what? I am pregnant and the bulk of it will be during summer. But it is okay (for now). I love this baby bear already.

Back to to-do lists. Seriously, why do you think we add more to our plate before the little person arrives? I am thankful that I will have time off before the baby comes. Very thankful because you know I will still try to check every item off the list. ;)

Also why french fries you may be thinking? This baby loves potatoes. At least I am saying it is the baby.

Image via Hey Natalie Jean

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  1. We say "baby bear" too! So funny. Love reading and keeping up with you!


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