March 10, 2014

Life Lately // Volume 3

Oh life. I am really digging you. Especially through the eye of my lovely camera phone. I promise some day to use a real camera. Maybe when I grow up.

Sorry for the iPhone picture. One of our goals is to get a new camera before baby. This is at ll weeks and 6 days. Now my belly is not that big in the morning but after each meal I get big. I love my belly.

Our baby bear in photo. Oh tears.

A few baby purchases (little in price) are happening. I may or may not be obsessed with baby hats. A hat for our little bunny.

Fitting for our family.

My sweet yearbook kids donating to the Arkansas Children's Hospital. I love them all.

Just a little fire and good conversation.

The thing about working at the school you went to for high school is people stick incriminating photos in your mailbox. This is my senior year at our athletic banquet and sweetheart court for school.

Jane napping. I love this little bitty.

We have a morning tradition of the puppies eating breakfast then getting back in bed with Daddy. I wrap them like burritos. This is a Marcy burrito.

Maternity shirt shopping. I love maternity clothes. They are so comfortable. All clothes should be this long.

Payton spent the afternoon with us one day a few weeks ago. He played outside all day. As his mom came to pick him up, he got still and fell asleep. He is the sweetest.

Jane and I did some yoga outside. She knows something is different with me and has become very protective. She is the best.

My niece, Sadie Rose, wearing her new Haddie Mae headband. Get yours here. Seriously, I love mine.

The only sign of spring in our yard. I just sit and stare at it. Spring, I can feel you!

I finally bought a pair of Toms. I don't like regular Toms (to be honest). But I saw this pair and loved that they lace up and I got them almost $20 off from Zulilly. I am so ready for warm weather and Toms!

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