February 20, 2014

Pretty Sunlight Hawaiian Engagement Session

One thing I love about today's couple is their engagement. It didn't consist of fireworks, a trip out of town, a scavenger hunt or a lip sync. Do not get me wrong in that I love every unique proposal. But Toni proposed to Amber at their house right after dinner. Just them two at home. I like it.

Creatrix Photography does such a wonderful job capturing couples in their true state of happiness where they forget about the camera and are completely themselves. This engagement session includes one of my favorite things, sunshine. And not just any sunshine but Hawaiian sunshine.

Thankful for an outlet like this blog where couples love stories come to life.

{From the bride}
We met at work at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Monsarrat Ave. I went away for school in Japan and when I came back to work, he was hired. I first started talking to him while I was setting up the afternoon pastry case. A funny thought ran through my mind, as they often do, "Wouldn't it be funny if 10 years from now, I married this guy?" I thought nothing of it and we talked about music we liked. I started to click with him until he said "Oh, my girlfriend likes that band too." Wah-wah. I thought we would just be friends. Four years, every co-worker including our boss tried to get us to date, hundreds of long life talks, experimental cooking adventures, crazy times at coffee bean where we proved to be the best & most efficient team to work with, him being there for me throughout a sad relationship of my own, seeing each other at 4 am almost every day, he was still in his unhappy relationship with someone else and I had "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift on repeat the entire time. Then one day, his girlfriend broke up with him because she liked someone else. I was stunned and of course wanted to be there for him. We hung out and one day, my roommate was having a party at our apartment with his seriously annoying coworkers so I thought I'd make myself scarce. Toni offered to keep me company since he was also alone and had nothing better to do. We decided to drive to Lanikai beach, but it was really cold and there were weird lights in the water, so we decided to leave and go to Tantalus. When we got there, he asked me out! :)

Just about a year later, we find ourselves in different jobs but still together. I had an AWFUL day at work and he picked me up. We decided to go grocery shopping and make some comfort food. I found some pumpernickel bread in the clearance bakery section, so he made my favorite meal. It was grilled cheese & honey with tomato bisque which cheered me up a bit. I was lying on our bed after dinner and still stressed out from my terrible day at work. I was so sad, he just hugged me and told me a bunch of encouraging things like how happy he was with me plus how he wanted to spend his life with me. My eyes were closed because I was about to cry but when I opened them up, he had a white box in his hand and he asked me to marry him. Needless to say, my day was turned around!

{Vendors} Photographer: Creatrix Photography // Submission: Two Bright Lights

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