February 6, 2014

February Goals

It is time. It is time. Time to make monthly goals and stick to them. I feel like I have lost my pizazz. Recently I have been so tired and sick. The sick part comes from the lovely children I teach at school. A lot of them come even though they are running fevers, coughing and feel yucky. I have an immune system the size of an ant so I catch every little thing.

I have been sleeping my life away and at this point I am okay with that. I do look forward to this post. I don't want to discourage anyone with my sickness. It will get better and until then I am resting and learning that things can wait.

Never in my life have I learned the way I am now. I am finding that resting is okay. That having my house spotless isn't what life is about. I am seeing that if a dog chews up a pillow and sprinkles feathers all over our living room that I will live. Yes, I mourned the lose of that pillow but also know it isn't the end of the world. Besides, I am sure Jane and Marcy had a blast sprinkling feathers everywhere. We really should get a puppy cam.

Now for those goals:

+ Start making plans for a spring garden. I am really excited about this. I want to have my Dad help me create raised garden beds. This is one of my biggest goals of 2014 is creating a garden. I want to grow what I love to eat most. I really want a fruit tree too. We already have one in our yard but another would be so nice. Just talking about this is getting me so excited!

+ Read two new books. One of my kids gave me a new book to try and I have some at home that are calling my name. It is time to lay down the textbook.

+ Make one new recipe. This one via Bridget is up on the menu for this Saturday. The recipe yields 16 so I plan to eat at least 3 that morning with coffee. Yeah, real healthy but honestly realistic.

+ Pray more for my marriage. No we are not in trouble. We are actually very happy but that doesn't mean I can stop praying. I want to pray for my husband more. I want to pray over his day and his career. I want to pray over our family and following Christ in what we do. I want to pray for our marriage. Some scripture ideas here.

What are your plans for February? Insanely, we are already on the second month of this year. I also hope everyone is enjoying these snow days. Our friends in San Antonio, Texas got snow last night. How nuts is that? Stay warm friends!


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