January 6, 2014

Surprise Christmas Engagement

Friends I really am struggling with the fact that Christmas is over. No more Christmas lights. No more Christmas trees. No more stockings. No more Christmas music (this one may be the hardest for me). Christmas has come and gone. Will it always feel like a whirlwind? Sometimes I wonder if that is part of getting older or being too busy? Regardless, I am clinging onto the last few moments of the holidays. Of course I shouted hooray the second I got these photos of a surprise Christmas engagement session. Think about it. You are combining sweet love and Christmas. Uh, yes...always.

I don't know if I can think of a sweeter way to propose than with a surprise engagement during your own gifted photo session. Talk about clever. Sam and Jacquelyn light up the day y'all. Their joy and happiness is pure, raw. It hits you in the face in each photo. And let's talk about the cute decor? I love a good bunting banner.

Oh and my favorite photo is a ways down where Jacquelyn literally is staring at Sam while he is proposing like "SAY WHAT? NO WAY! HOLY COW!" You will know the photo when you see it.

I love the way Callie of Callie Hardman Photography puts it when she says it is exciting to be a part of a live proposal. Snapping photos of a couple that is getting engaged right in front of you. Talk about a big smile on your face! And no, we weren't there but these images feel like it. Callie, did such a wonderful job!

Oh guys, I love sharing couples in love. And surprise engagements. And Christmas decor. And life.

What more could you ask for on your Tuesday? That is what I thought too.

{From the photographer} 
Meet Sam & Jacquelyn! Sam contacted me a few weeks ago about my Christmas mini sessions, although they were over, I made just one exception because Sam wanted to propose during the session! I was so ecstatic! So Sam brought the ring over to my house the night before, I wrapped it up to match my mini session decor and the two of them arrived the next afternoon for what Jacquelyn thought was a Christmas portrait session from Sam. We did a few shots and I asked them to pretend like they were opening some of my gifts. Before she knew it, Sam was asking her to marry her. It all happened so fast it took awhile for it to sink in. All of the images are in time order, so you can see the shock just keeps hitting her! We finished out with a few portraits before they headed off to make phone calls to their loved ones and celebrate! Their love is so sweet and playful and I am so excited to be sharing their live proposal :)

{Vendors} Photographer: Callie Hardman Photography // Submission: Two Bright Lights


  1. LOVE IT!!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to showcase Sam & Jacquelyn, it was so fun to see it here. Their sweet proposal was seriously adorable and so fun! #imisschristmasalreadytoo :)

    1. You are dead on with your hashtag! HA :)

      You do fabulous work Callie!!


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