January 23, 2014

Bloggers Closet and How Brilliant It Is

Let us talk about how awesome Bloggers Closet is. I mean what a clever idea. I am kind of mad I didn't think of it. Instead I get to write a fun post all about it and encourage you to go shopping. You know, just a random Thursday and shopping. That then equates to a perfect Thursday because Bloggers Closet is full of good finds at great prices!

But alas, all the credit goes to the lovely Lauren Slade, creator of Style Elixir. Lauren wanted to give bloggers an opportunity to sell their clothing maybe due to only needing it for one post or making more room in their closet. This then gives us ladies the chance to snatch up designer brands or fashionable finds at discounted prices. We get to shop the closet of our favorite fashion bloggers.

One thing you may or may not know is that I read fashion blogs more than any other type of blog. It surprises some people because a. I write a relationship (ish) blog and publish weddings and b. I am not all that fashionable. In fact, my style has really come into its own within the last year or so. Picking out a professional outfit every day has been a challenge but fun too.

I am also a blogger on a budget so the idea of being able to buy clothes from my favorite fashion bloggers closets is amaz-ing y'all. Who doesn't love a good discount?

Some of my favorite things for sale:

Dittos Coated Jeans // Starting bid $15 

Lilac Skirt // $25 

Vintage Style Cardigan Sweater // Starting bid $22

Pretty nice stuff. So now it is your turn to go sign up for bloggers closet and get shopping. Make sure you share what you buy with us! Happy Thursday and happy shopping!

This post is not sponsored by Bloggers Closet. All opinions are my own and I am writing this because I think they are rad.

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