November 1, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 117

+ Is okay with you if Love Song Friday is written in a list? Goodie.

+ I have a prayer request. A special man in my life is not doing well. My grandpa (Dad's dad) suffered an aneurysm on Monday. Things are looking grim. Say a little prayer for my family and especially my grandmother. She is one strong lady.

+ This is the first weekend in almost a month that I am not traveling. While I love hitting the road, staying home is nice too. I get to spend the weekend with my little family. High school football will be involved. A possible breakfast out with Rusty. Some baking of course. A nap for sure. Most definitely a nap.

+ Can I just say that I have never been a pumpkin carver? Is that weird? We just don't ever do that. Maybe when we have babes but not now. I am just proud of myself in that I did buy a few pumpkins for the front porch.

+ I am obsessed with Scandal on ABC. It is a problem. A problem, I say.

+ I was extremely tempted to post a Christmas picture on today's post. Hey, we are past Halloween. I digress but you do get to see this lovely image and a peek of a wedding coming up from Luna Bella Photography. I cannot say enough good things about Rebecca.

+ This video makes you realize it is okay to be a little weird and different. It will make you laugh out loud. Well, it did me at least.

Originally saw here but also on Youtube here

+ Please watch this video. It will melt your heart. And you know I love Katy Perry's Roar.

+ Lovebird love
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+ Now for a song. I am a big fan on Andy Grammer. He is not only talented but loves to write the best love songs. So for today, Crazy Beautiful. And a happy Friday y'all!

Image via the lovely Luna Bella Photography

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