October 30, 2013

Photos I Would Have Instagrammed, Volume 1

Two weeks ago I issued a challenge to myself. I decided that I was going to veto Instagram for one week. It was part mix of seeing what I could do with my time and part I was wasting my time. I knew it so I signed off.

And then one week turned into two.

And I was happier.



I have nothing against anyone who loves Instagram. I in fact I love it. I love keeping up with people through it. I find inspiration in it. I love looking at pictures. Seeing inside people's pretty lives. But it was enough.

Enough time wasted. Enough missed opportunity. It has changed my heart. My lifestyle. My direction.

I did get on this past weekend to post a picture of the beach. It was so nice to scroll through a few pictures but I was right back off for a few days.

So what have I learned?

I learned that I see more around me. I can get work done quicker. I make time to workout. I sleep more. I am more intentional.

Yes, I will get on here and there. I may post photos 4 times a day but I control it. That is what I needed to learn.

In the meantime, I was still snapping pictures like crazy. I love photos. They capture so much and I cherish them. Even those iphone lovelies. So I thought I would make a post that showed those photos. Since I am not Instagramming as much, I might as well show them off here.

Life is good.

Jane girl loves to hog the bed. Loves it // I flew into the clouds last week. I chased the sunset. It was so neat to watch // A few weekends ago we visited Rusty's Dad's grave. We have been without him next to us for one year // I downloaded my happy holidays desktop from the lovely Jenny Highsmith. Hey, never early enough // Moo bars lover right here // Destin. Pretty, lovely Destin // The cows near the cemetery // Oma teaching Sadie to signal touchdown // My ridiculous husband riding a tricycle

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