November 13, 2013

Entry Way Time & Design

So I have mentioned it before, a handful of times, but been pretty vague. We are officially buying my grandparents house at the first of the year. I am so excited. It is an old(ish) Southern home with a big magnolia tree in the front yard. It is big, covered in wallpaper and has the prettiest sunroom that I cannot wait to put a fun tile pattern down in.

I love this home.

I spent my summers here living a lovely childhood full of handmade cooking, dress up, barbie dolls, my favorite VHS tapes and pretty flowers out front. I love this home. Originally, I was 100% against buying the home. It is big and we are small. You know I like simplicity so in my mind I feel like a big home can lead to more, well, junk. My grandfather made a steal of deal to us and R is right. This is a great home for us.

To be honest, this is the first home I can picture raising a baby in. Yes, it might be because I was raised here but it also feels like home with absolutely none of our belongings in it yet. We have lived in a few homes and I have never felt attached to them. It has happened. I picture myself chasing a little tot around this home. It gets me excited.

But before we can have babes (well with my plan at least) I want to work on the home. It doesn't need much in construction but mostly cosmetic work. It will take us a long time but that is okay. It is a home we plan to grow in to.

And host Christmas dinners.

And bake pies in.

And sit by the fire in.

It has my heart fluttering.

Yes, it is a material thing but it is where I finally (unless God chooses otherwise) feels like our home. Where we rest our head. Where we break bread.

The room I am starting with first is the entry way. It is the smallest room and fits our budget at this moment and also my time. Things are busy so a small room works great.

Below are some of my favorite entry way pins and inspiration. More on my entry way page over here on pinterest.

I am also learning that I have a design style. I like clean, white space with pops of color and comfort. What is your favorite thing about an entry way? It is the first glimpse of your home. Let the inspiration roll. Ideas? DIY projects? The best place for affordable decor? I am all ears.

And you are correct if you are wondering what the pretty blooms above have to do with this post. Absolutely nothing but aren't they gorg?

Also I tried my best to find the original sources of these pins. I searched high and low. Sorry if credit is not given where credit is due.



  1. I was hoping you would talk about redoing the house! Can't wait to see it here AND in person! Love you!


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