September 5, 2013

September Goals

This may be the first month that I am welcoming with arms wide open. Come on September! Come on fall leaves and pumpkin anything. It is never to early y'all. Ever. Especially when it comes to Fall.

If this is your first time here, well, I like Fall. Mental note.

It is time for more monthly goals. And I should probably recap that Summer Bucket List that I made. In time sweet ones.

So for August....

  • {Meal plan my little tush off} 30%: I was in beast mode there for a while but then, well, school started. Maybe I can get back on the meal planning train. I know my husband would like it if I did. {Keep working out every morning} 60 50%: I felt totally guilty typing 60%. The good news is that I have been working out each day but more in the afternoon. So win, win.
  • {Pick my clothes out at night} 100%: Guys, I would fall a part every morning if I didn't do this.
  • {Read one book that isn't school related} 100%: Yay for me! Is it crazy that I am very proud of this accomplishment? I didn't think so either.
  • {Hit the reset button and don't look back} 92%: I am finding that I am facing a new struggle. Not time to share (maybe ever) but I am taking each day one breath/moment at a time.

Now time for September. Wee!

 A mariachi band at your wedding? Well, yeah.

{Spend time traveling}
I wish this meant all over the world but it means seeing more friends from out of town. Weekends on the road. And holding new babies that I get to meet for the first time. I love babies.

{Celebrate more}
I am finding that I do not celebrate enough. Sooooo in effort to boost that and drinking a glass of bubbly I am declaring a time of celebration. Great day teaching? New shoes. Emptied your inbox? Dinner out. See, it is already becoming easier.

{Get more sleep}
I was doing so well with sleep but lately things have changed. Have I mentioned I am a cranky monster when I don't get sleep? Cranky, cranky. Time for sleep. I also love sleep. Like, I could marry sleep if I wasn't already taken. ;)

{Feel okay with saying no}
Enough said. But in case you need a little more...

What do you want to accomplish? New riding boots? Me too. I will add that one to my husband's September goals. He won't mind. Ha!

Image via Green Wedding Shoes by Limelife Photography

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