September 6, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 110

A day devoted solely to Love Song's. Is there a better day than this? And it also happens to fall on Friday. Magic.

The Farrin's are sneaking away for the weekend. We are spending our days off in Little Rock with one of my favorite couples. Also added to the list is eating good eats, relaxing, multiple cups of coffee in the morning but mostly, meeting the newest love of my life, Ruth. My dearest friend Summer recently had her sweet baby girl. It is time for Aunt and baby to meet.

I also plan on talking my husband into a little shopping. But the biggest thing is absolutely no work until Sunday when we get home. I am declaring this publicly. Husband, hold me to it.

Today I have joy. Real, pure, raw joy. God gives when you need it most and for that I am thankful.

//////////////This week\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Monday: Labor Day!
Tuesday: Ice Skating Rink + Mittens Engagement Session
Wednesday: Southern + Charming Duke Mansion Wedding
Thursday: September Goals

//////////////Link Love\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
This fabulous rope DIY vase on Cupcakes and Cashmere. It will make you happy.

A post on letting go from the lovely Glitter and Grace <- Read it. You must.

I am totally needing something catchy, upbeat and a song that celebrates Friday. Michael Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel works just perfectly. A bit of dancing music and a full weekend ahead. Some days just make me so darn happy!

Image via Roberto Farren Photography - And a peek of what is to come next week :)

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