August 25, 2013

Pillow Fight Engagement Session

I never blog on Sunday but when you see this engagement session you will get why. I just love it. The idea of a pillow fight is so fun! Like so, so fun. Greg and Corinne literally had a pillow fight to document their engagement session. Isn't that brilliant? This couple will make you happy and extremely giddy. You cannot help but cheer these two on!

GTNphoto, thank you so much for sharing this adorable couple with us!

{From the photographer}
Unlike most people that sleep on pillows, I decided to cut two open and capture the feather filled sky. My clients Greg and Corinne are high school sweethearts. Their love honestly radiates from them and you can see it in these photos. I took them out to a field, cut a hole in two pillows and told them to have at it! Greg was so excited to start the fight and Corinne wasn't ready to lose that day! We were all laughing so hard I tried to keep my camera steady. Next thing we know, the sky was breathtaking and the floor was blanketed in white feathers. I didn't want this session to end! We took advantage of every angle and the surroundings. While editing, I felt myself gasping. I loved the airy, light, and romance factors of this session. Til this very day, this is my all time favorite shoot. 

{Vendors} Photographer: GTNphoto / Submission: Two Bright Lights


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