August 30, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 109

We made it. I made it. I am making the most of today. The idea that I get uber amounts of family time plus an extra day added to my weekend does help too! Plans for Saturday include not getting out of bed and totally vegging out on t.v. Just the idea...heavy and grateful sigh. What do you have up your sleeve? Share away :)

Anyone else dreaming of Fall? I saw this desktop on instagram and immediately stopped what I was doing to download it. Sweaters. Boots. Quiet nights on the patio. Man of man. Too soon? I didn't think so either.

Sunday (say what?): Pillow Fight Engagement Session
Monday: Rustic California Mission Wedding
Tuesday: Cherry Blossom D.C. Engagement Session
Wednesday: Intimate and Rustic Napa Wedding

I have been thinking about the words that I speak a lot lately. Am I being positive? Am I making an impact? Am I creating smiles? I have been on the negative train lately and it is so boring and tiring. Personally, it is so lame. That may be why I am totally loving Sara Bareilles Brave. Favorite line (other than every lyric):

Show me how big your brave is. 

Isn't that good stuff y'all? Say what you want to say and let the words fall out...

Image via Jenny Highsmith. Get your fall desktop here.

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