September 3, 2013

Ice Skating Rink + Mittens Engagement Session

Guys, lets talk about how much sleep I got this weekend. It was an insane amount. I literally was a bear in hibernation and I came out the other side so happy. Oh my. Can we do that more often?

Also, I am totally declaring September as a positive month. August was tough for many reasons so why not make September better? Smile more. Laugh more. Not fall victim to perfectionism. I recently said no to an opportunity and I hate saying no. This time, saying no was so freeing. Like amazingly freeing. I am learning that saying no is okay. A full plate is not okay if you cannot devote all your energies evenly. Having a to-do list a mile long is not always good either. Make time for yourself and do not feel guilty about it. Kapeesh?

Lastly, how about this heat wave? It is crazy! I am officially in Fall mode. No doubt about it. This ice skating rink engagement session is exactly what I need. Kate Wenzel Photography, you did us proud sister!

{From the photographer}
Laughter & Love. These two laugh constantly and love fully. They bring a sense of balance and compliment one another in every way. Brian makes Danielle laugh and Brian loves it. The way they feel about one another is obvious. Whenever they lock eyes they light up. I found myself laughing so hard I had to consciously remember to hold the camera steady. This has never happened during a session. The results were wonderful- an authentic capture of two authentic people showcasing their love for one another and their love for life. Our time together flew by and I found myself wishing we could keep going. We most likely would have if we were not all freezing in the frigid Minnesota air.

The Depot Skating Rink and Mill City Museum area- both in Minneapolis- offered the perfect backdrop for their session.

{Vendors} Photographer: Kate Wenzel Photography / Venue: Mill City Park / Submisison: Two Bright Lights

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