August 14, 2013

Guest Post on Kiss My Tulle

To be honest, this isn't the post that I had planned for today. I apologize for that. Things have been crazy. I have been in meetings for two weeks now (they have been a lot of fun!) but I am tired. Happy tired. If you know what I mean? And putting a top on being overwhelmed. I have handled my stress very well with this new job but come Monday, I have actual kids in my classroom. Not just pretend faces. Oh and I have a pedicure lined up for this weekend. Maybe that idea is helping.

I get to meet my students soon y'all! I met a lot last night and I am so excited to meet more. They are characters and already teaching me so much.

Now the text above has absolutely nothing to do with my guest post on Kiss My Tulle but I know you will check it out anyway. And for more of me on Kiss My Tulle and Kiss My Tulle on Lovebird Productions (mouthful) click here, here, here, here, here, here and here. (<---We like to do a lot together. The gal is so fun!)

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