August 13, 2013

By the Bay Chicago Engagement Session

I love Chicago. The big city. The fabulous restaurants. The Broadway musicals. And Travis and Julie.

Their proposal is below and it is so kind and loving and personal. Julie and Travis are one of those couples who travel the world and their stories could keep you entertained for hours. They are genuine and their life is measured in moments of sheer joy and following their hearts desires. I am a fan of them. They are motivating and uplifting.

It is so nice to feature a couple like this pair. It really is a good day. A big thank you to Tuan H. Bui Photography for sharing the gorgeous scenery and couple with us!

And if nothing else, Julie's little red striped number is fab!

{From the photographer}
On a bookshelf in the Bucktown loft that Travis and Julie share is a shelf full of Lonely Planets from at least ten different countries. On top of that shelf is a plastic float that has “Will you marry me Julie?” on it. The travel books are a legacy of this couple’s love of adventuring to different places. And the float – well, it’s a story that involves a dolphin, which doubtless either of them can recount better than I can here.

Let’s back up a few weeks, to my first phone call with Travis, during which I tried to get a sense of his relationship with Julie in preparation for the shoot. I asked the obvious questions – how did you meet, what do you guys like, how did you propose, are there any places in Chicago that particularly resonate with you – and dutifully wrote these answers down. A few days later, I spoke to Julie on the phone and learned her history of sailing tall ships, and this too influenced my choices of location for the shoot. Travis had said that Julie might be nervous in front of the camera, but she was wonderfully happy and bubbly when talking to Travis, so I decided that most of the shots would involve the couple facing each other, talking or interacting.

So we set out, Travis, Julie, me, and my assistant Johanna, and spent time under the glorious March sun and let the wind buffet us as we four made these photos.

{Vendors} Photographer: Tuan H. Bui, Photographer / Hair Stylist: Daniela Kosta / Makeup Artist: Mishella G / Submission: Two Bright Lights

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