June 27, 2013

Q & A: What Do You Do When Wedding Planning Is Over?

I have been thinking lately about life after the wedding. For some it means going back to work without having to answer wedding emails on your lunch break. For some it means no more planning and the relief you feel from that. So what do you do after the wedding is over?

Go. Stick your toes in the sand. Drink a fruity cocktail. Get away. You have worked so hard and now it is time to treat yourself. Do things that you typically never have time for. Eat dessert first. Take an extra nap. Stay up late reading.

When Rusty and I went on our honeymoon, we ventured out one morning for breakfast. We wanted to go to the beach but we ended up coming back to our room. We climbed in our big canopy bed and watched movies in bed all day. We even ordered room service for lunch and dinner just so we could relax inside all day. Yes, the beach was 10 steps from our room and every other day we took advantage of that but we needed a day in together. We had never watched an entire movie together until our honeymoon. That day is still one of my favorite memories to date. 

{Donate your time/thoughts to other brides}
You have so much knowledge now that you have planned your own wedding so why not help other brides? Of course make sure they want your help but donate your time. Lift other brides spirits. You know what it is like to struggle with your budget. You know what it is like to cry big crocodile tears from stress. You know what it is like to stay up to late doing DIY projects. Why not help someone else? You are a pro gal!

{Start a blog}
I cannot tell you how many past brides have started a blog while planning or after because of all they learned and would do differently. These blog are successful and personally I think more wedding blogs make the world a bit brighter. One of my favorites is Every Last Detail. Lauren not only started her blog after planning her wedding but she also planned weddings for a while after her big day. She has so much knowledge and continues to amazes me with her encouragement for brides. Go check her out!

{Celebrate no more crazy wedding dreams}
This one is kind of a joke but so true. No more nightmares of forgetting your shoes or showing up to your wedding day and realizing you have no flowers. Sleep peacefully.

{Follow your dreams}
I know that I already mentioned starting a blog but do what makes you happy. Whether it has to do with weddings or absolutely nothing at all. Regardless of your wedding planning experience, smile back on this chapter. It will never come again. You can officially close the door on your planning time and be happy. Rejoice it is over. Continue to do what you love and bless others as you do it.'

What are you looking forward to most when wedding planning is over? Vacation? Work? Start a family? Just now that there is no wrong decision y'all. It is all about being happy!

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  1. Hi! It's been forever! Ironically I dropped out of wedding blogging world while I was planning my own wedding - it was just too much. But I am married now! So I'm back to blogging! Loved this post. :)


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