May 9, 2013

May Goals

So is it too late to write a post of May goals mid May? I hope not because that is what I have for you today. I know I have said it before but I need this post. I do so much better holding true to myself and my goals when I blog about them.

Before we start on May let's recap April...
{Keep working on my fitness}
I did awful with this one. Still 100% a work in progress. I do have a new workout partner!

{Give it ago with Veganism}
I gave it one month and saw a huge difference. Here is to hoping that I can stick with it for the most part.

{Get back to Arkansas and downsize/unpack/decorate our new apartment}
I am back and my husband may already be tired of me. I have been a downsizing machine. I have gotten rid of so much stuff. It has been a blessing.

{One month of not buying stuff}
Also another huge blessing. I spent one month not purchasing a single thing other than a coffee or two. It made me realize how much I already have and how much I didn't need. I don't need a closet full of clothes or the newest couch. I love what I have. I am taking three bags of clothes to Goodwill today. This was the most rewarding goal for me by far.

{Start my new job}
In l-o-v-e with my new job. I promise that a post is coming soon!

What to do with May? Guys, ever have that feeling that you need to slow down? I really started understanding that in April. I spent the month of April not spending a dime on myself and that quickly helped me realize just how much I think about me. I have nothing against treating yourself but I was out of control. I would see something, like it and buy it. Did I need it? Probably not and a majority of the time I didn't need it at all. I think the biggest lesson that I am learning is simplicity. I have been chatting with my best friend who has really pushed me with this. She is an expecting mother who has changed so much of her life and lifestyle to glorify her faith, her health and her family. Isn't that what life is about? It makes me emotional just thinking about how much joy I find in simplicity. True, unhindered, sunshine in the sky every day kind of joy. I need that. I deserve that. I want my heart to reflect it.

I hope that these goals and this these posts continue to reflect that.

{Find balance}
I have to be honest. I am really struggling with blogging every day and working full time and being a wife and cleaning the house and loving on Jane and working out and getting involved around NWA. I know that I will find balance in time but I am one of those rush it big time kind of person. I want it fixed now. Regardless, I am really learning how to make the most of my time. Again...simplicity.

{Make a creative date night for R & I}
Rusty and I have been beyond excited to be back with our sweet friends and love making new ones but lately everything we have done has been with groups. While I love that, we need us time. I also don't want just a go eat dinner date night. I want to do something different. I want to hike a new trail, play putt putt, visit an art exhibit or go shopping together. It is nice to mix things up a bit.

{Downsize even more}
I may be crazy but sometimes I feel like I want to sell everything. Not spending a dime for a month transformed my life. I am thinking of pushing myself to go another month or even two. I am loving how our sweet little apartment is coming together. I am using more of what we already have versus going and buying more. I am still working on a handful of boxes and I am ready to tackle my Christmas decor. Rusty will like that part. :)

{Find a place to volunteer + a group to get involved with}
I am really leaning towards a puppy shelter. I feel like my love for puppies is bigger than ever and that it isn't just a thing but possibly a passion. I don't have it all figured out right now but I know dogs are more for me. I am also wanting to find a great group to get involved in like Junior Auxiliary, a women's bible study or a theater to audition with.

{Get rid of toxic products + make some new get ready items}
Some have asked about the home cleaner I made and it turned out pretty good. It is a little strong (a simple fix by adding a bit more water) but fabulous! I have been reading and discussing toxic products that I use i.e. body wash, lotion, facial moisturizer. I plan on cleaning out my bathroom products, cleaning items and laundry detergent. I just purchased a water filter and like all the little changes and things that I am learning. All this goes along with simplifying and de-cluttering my morning routine. It feels good already!

What are your monthly goals? Don't ever feel like a goal is too little or too big. If you want to organize a closet, do it. If you want to cook three new recipes, invite me over. ;) Whatever you do make it realistic but also a challenge that you want to complete. Happy May!

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