May 10, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 100

Roll out the red carpet! This is the 100th Love Song Friday ever! Holy bananas. That is just plain crazy. Have I really been blogging that long? Have you all really put up with me that long? Where do we go from here? I vote we keep the tradition going. I mean a Friday song that makes you dance. What else is better? Well, I can think of a few things but you get the point.

P.s. That gorgeous picture above is just a glimpse of a sweet couple I get to feature next week. I love happy smiles. Love them.

///LBP Week Recap\\\
Monday: Cheery and Colorful Styled Shoot
Tuesday: Navy and Green Lovebird Themed Wedding in Florida
Wednesday: Blush and Country Chic Nashville Wedding
Thursday: May Goals

///Link Love\\\
I know you probably already read this blog but Story of My Life is one of my favorites. Jenni is beyond talented and witty. You will love her.
I recently discovered Here and Now - a fab fashion blog with a gal who shops with a budget in mind. I love fashion blogs but a lot of the time I cannot afford anything they are wearing. Realistic fashion is a must y'all!

I love today's song. You know my obsession with Michael Buble and big band music so A Beautiful Day it is. Hey, thank you for making a simple post like Love Song Friday a success. I say you throw in an extra cheers to celebrate 100 volumes of sweet love songs. Deal? Deal! :)

Image via Eugene Pavlov Photography

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