May 3, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 99

Well, I woke up to snow this morning. I know, it is quite crazy. I may be the only person excited about it. The weather and just about everyone has been talking about how we might get snow so when I pulled back the curtain this morning I squealed! I have been in Texas for two years so seeing or experiencing snow has been nonexistent.

Surprisingly I picked out the lovely picture above before the chances of snow. Fitting, isn't it? (And gorgeous!) Happy start to your Friday friends. I am thrilled you are here. Any fun plans for your weekend? Do share!

///LBP This Week\\\
Monday: Colorful and Playful Alberta Wedding
Tuesday: Family Day :)
Wednesday: Cozy and Charming California Couple Session
Thursday: Foggy Virginia Beach Couple Session

///Link Love\\\
Giant Fringe DIY Props on Studio DIY - I vow to throw a Cinco De Mayo party next year and these will be included. Promise.
Fabulous rooftop wedding on Elizabeth Anne Designs. Blush heaven :)
I know you have probably already heard of Entouriste but I am obsessed with this site. I seriously cannot get enough. It evokes a big travel bug in me. I know I will walk the streets of Italy one day.
Beyond wonderful post about feeling pretty on Fairy Princess Diaries. You should always feel pretty.

In honor of one my sweet friends coming to visit this weekend and girl time I picked a Taylor Swift song. I like her. Hate on her if you want and my cool factor may have gone down but I like her. Her song 22 makes me want to karaoke, drink a nice martini, dance all night and take selfies with friends. Ha! Yeah, total girl/nerd alert. I was 22 when I first met Rusty. I spent the summer by the lake. I worked nights as a news producer. I was fresh in love. I traveled to Hawaii. I had no idea the good ahead of me. Oh man, 22 was good but 25 is even better! Happy Friday loves.

Image via Rebekah Hoyt Photography on Heart Love Weddings

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