May 30, 2013

Life and Other Non Wedding Related Topics

Guys, life is good and crazy and good again all at the same time. I cannot express your kindness with my posting over the last couple months especially with this post last week. At times I just need to write. I turn to this blog over my prayer journal or doodling. I feel safe here and I have you to thank for that. I struggle with the balance of sharing my personal life on here but it is my blog. And I like to share.

About the life being crazy part, well, we are moving...again. I know. It is soon and sudden but thankfully our friends and family have been extremely supportive. While it is a bit of a story, I will start at the beginning.

This past October Rusty's dad suddenly passed away. It was tragic and astonishing and one of the hardest things I have ever dealt with. This stirred our hearts in that we are too far away from family and needed to get closer to Arkansas. We started the journey of looking for jobs in Arkansas. Rusty and I combined easily applied for over 50+ jobs. We spent the day working and the nights searching for careers. We had no luck. I got really discouraged and whiney about the whole situation. Isn't a funny thing how when we try on our own accord and not consult God it just doesn't work? Yeah, I learn that lesson over and over.

We gave up on the job hunt. About a month later Rusty got a call from an amazing company that was interested in hiring him for a logistics job in Fayetteville, Ar. We did a happy dance. He interviewed for two positions, got offered the job and we moved. We were still working on selling our home in Texas, I found an awesome job and Rusty was working nights and weekends at his new gig. We were happy. We felt closer to our friends and family than ever. It was right.

About a month ago, Rusty got a call from a company in my hometown of El Dorado. It was a company that R had dreamed of working at for years but was never given the opportunity. They offered him an awesome job in his field of expertise but since we just moved we turned down the opportunity. They continued to pursue R anyway and felt like it was the right decision to accept the job. There were prayers, pro + con lists, late night conversations but in the end we are going. So yes, that means we are moving...again.

Starting tomorrow my apartment will be covered in moving boxes again. I am having to leave behind a job that I love and we have a great group of friends here. But the biggest pro is my family. I will be in the same town as my family which hasn't happened in almost 10 years. I will be a more active Aunt in my nieces and nephews lives. Did I mention I have a 5th babe on the way?

One of the biggest blessings is being back to blogging 100%. I love working full time but I miss this blog. I feel like my content has lacked and I am tired. It is hard to come home and blog 5 days a week plus work in an office 40 more hours a week. I feel like I have let this blog down and I don't like that feeling. Lovebird Productions is my babe. I love this little blog and all the joy it brings me. I am eager to keep writing and growing. Thank you for your patience through all of this!

See those two up above. That is my beautiful mom and my June Rose (grandmother). My June bug is one of my favorite people. She taught me so much and I am just like her even right down to the way I clean house. Moving means being closer to her. You never know how much time you have with someone but I confidently know that now I will make it count. We may be crazy for moving two months later but we are. We are moving and that is life. I cannot wait to introduce you to my little hometown. Some parts are out dated and not so nice but there are some corners of it that just make my heart smile like the new coffee shop on the square.

Oh, and I swore I would never move back home but God had other plans. Just a reminder to leave yourself open to the other plans in life.


  1. I am so excited for you!! Like, I just happy danced in my office for you, excited!! Let's catch up soon, yeah? After the moving boxes have cleared!!! XOXO

    1. I hope one day I can see this happy dance :)


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