April 3, 2013

Perfect Fall Orchard Baltimore Engagement Session

I love weddings, engagements and submissions. I love them all but every once in a while you get a submission in your inbox that just takes your ever loving breath away. Today is that day and today is that couple. I seriously have no words for the beauty that is Jared and Leigh. Just a few pictures and you will feel like this couple are two of your best friends. They are magical. These two are what Lovebird Productions is all about. Man, I really cannot say enough. Mary Neumann Photography we are forever thankful for you and your talents!

{From the photographer}
How do I describe this shoot? How do I put into words the love and hilarity of this beautiful couple? Luckily for me, I have photos as evidence of the aforementioned gloriousness that is Leigh and Jared. Jared and my husband knew each other years ago and we would have the pleasure of seeing him (and his cutie girlfriend, Leigh) at weddings of our mutual friends and other such events. Leigh is one of those ladies that you can meet and chat with for two minutes and yet feel like her best friend. It is as if she truly knows and genuinely cares about you! That being so, because she does! Her totally gorgeous looks (oh, just WAIT!) pale in comparison to her amazing faith, sweet personality and impish sense of humor. A pure joy! Oh, and of course there is Jared. A dashing, witty, creative character that never leaves your time together without a laugh or dull moment. I mean, this guy has more fashion sense than I do (like I said, it’s coming!) Put them together and voilá, fabulousness ensues!

Jared proposed to Leigh after a lengthy and creative scavenger hunt through Baltimore! It is one of the most amazing and romantic engagement stories I have heard, and it is described in full on Leigh’s amazing fashion blog! When they contacted me to shoot their wedding, I was overjoyed knowing that this would be as joyful an experience for me as I hope it would be for them! I am thrilled for both of them as they enter into this new chapter of life.

Couple smiling and laughing

couple kissing over a stable door

gorgeous black and white photo of a couple strolling through an orchard

engagement in an orchard

engagement in an orchard

couple picking apples together

couple strolling through an orchard during their engagement session

ring shot on an apple

{More about the couple}
These images are some of my favorite and most special of our time together. Leigh’s Mother has passed away and her diamond now sits in the ring Jared gave to Leigh. When she was alive, Leigh and her Mom had a special tradition of noticing and admiring ladybugs. After her Mom’s passing, Leigh would see ladybugs appear during big life events (new apartments, the proposal, etc.). As we started shooting, a ladybug found us and another one flew onto Leigh as we were taking the last shots of the evening. Needless to say, it was an emotional and wonderful blessing for Leigh. Though I never met Leigh's sweet Mom, I feel honored to have felt her blessing on the time spent photographing her beautiful daughter and Jared. I know she would be nothing but proud of the amazing woman you are and the fantastic man you have chosen!

{Vendors} Photography: Mary Neumann Photography

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