April 2, 2013

April Goals

I haven't posted monthly goals in so long. Longer than I care to admit and when I was planning out my weekly blog posts I knew I needed to add these posts back in to the mix if not for you but for me. Call my crazy but when the words are typed then I put things in to action. While my goal list for this month may not be lengthy, it is a challenging month. Let's waste no time.

{Keep working on my fitness}
I am getting back to running and I hate/love it. It takes the biggest pep talks to myself (like this one here) to get out of the door. It really is entertaining but once I start running I l-o-v-e it. I am working to get back to running three miles quickly. Next is signing up for my second half marathon. I am also very interested in taking a yoga class. I have practiced yoga for years but to be in a class would be a lot of fun and challenging.

{Give it ago with Veganism}
 Uh oh, she is getting crazy with food again! Most of you know this about me but I have never been a thin girl. After years of battling with my size, I finally realized that I am not meant to be a size four. No one in my family is and I cannot remember a time even in middle or high school when I was that little. What I have come to realize is that I have to be healthy as me. When I decided to kick meat and become a vegetarian (over a year ago - crazy!) I started filling the void of meat with diary products. I don't particularly like diary products minus cheese. Cheese is like a separate food category on the food pyramid.

Lately, I have been struggling with my need to kick diary. Rusty and I gave whole 30 a go and minus eggs I kicked the habit. I was amazed at how I felt! Really amazed. I say I want that back as I eat a bagel with cream cheese right now. I stayed up the past few nights researching, reading, bookmarking and writing out my first weeks meal plans. Starting next Monday I am going to start a Vegan lifestyle. I may not do it forever or it may not be for me but I am going to try my hardest. Hold me to it people. It is time for me to officially stop wrestling with my weight, wondering why I am the size I am and emotionally eating. Yeah, I am one of those people. Bad day at work = cupcake. Feel down in the dumps = pizza. I am ready to break those strings and be in control of what I put in to my body. I am really excited!

{Get back to Arkansas and downsize/unpack/decorate our new apartment}
Rusty found the cutest little apartment for us and I am itching to get started unloading boxes. First, I need to get to Arkansas for good (two days left in Texas). Oh my, I am so ready to get settled. I am the type of girl who would stay up 24 hours just to get every box unpacked. Type A all the way. I do not even have a desk in Texas i.e. the computer on the ground in the image above.

The Farrins are also downsizing. We have too much stuff. More stuff than I care to admit and yes we are going from a house to an apartment but I think it is the perfect time to get rid of stuff we do not use or need. Did I mention I am ready to get settled?

{One month of not buying stuff}
The wonderful Nancy Ray made this challenge a few weeks ago and I formally accepted. While I plan on starting with one month versus three, I am thrilled. Yesterday was day one and so far so good. I am moving into a new apartment and plan not to buy a thing for one whole month. No decor, no new work clothes, no bedding. Nothing. I am ready to find contentment in what I have and spend the time I would have at the mall in the word. We serve a good Savior y'all. Our new apartment is just a few steps from our new home. Goodness gracious :)

{Start my new job}
Well your prayers really worked because as of last Friday I accepted a new job. To say I am thrilled is an understatement. I do not think I can start soon enough. I will be blogging, taking on social media and assisting in a Maximized Living Chiropractic office. The staff has been beyond kind to me and I know it is going to be a great working relationship. Even though I am a full time gal, no worries on the content or growth of the blog. I am still going to post every day, write meaningful content and make you smile with this blog. Again, thank you for those of you who have sent kind messages and prayers my way. We (Rusty and I) gratefully appreciate them. You guys are the best!

So what are your April goals? Surprised to be in April already? Me too. Four months in to the year and how are those New Year resolutions shaping up? Let's keep moving. Let's keep growing. Let's live intently. Let's be happy. You deserve it!  

Image via Lovebird Productions on Instagram


  1. Great great post Katie!
    1. Can't wait to hug your neck the second you are back in AR.
    2. Please share recipes! I would love to help brainstorm some too!
    3. Let's sign up for a half together! Double the motivation :)
    4. Proud of you are Rusty! Yall deserve the best in everything!

    1. I second the hugging! Hopefully I will have successful recipes! Ha! I am really determined to succeed and be full time Vegan! We will see! There is a half in December in Fayetteville! Let's do it :)

      You are the best my friend! The best :)

  2. Great goals! I've had to REALLY change the way I eat lately because of this adult onset soy allergy I have - which means even chicken fed with soy feed sets me off - being vegan doesn't sound too bad - so long as I cut the soy!


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