April 15, 2013

Our Home Sweet Home Anniversary Shoot

I know for the past months that I have hinted and showed a preview of new photos of Rusty and I. Now that the wonderful Heart Love Weddings featured our full story, I thought I would show you some more photos and let you in on the idea behind our anniversary shoot.

My kind friend Dan wanted to gift Rusty and I with a photo session. It was right around the time of our 2 year wedding anniversary so I thought the timing was perfect. We had also just moved into our new home in Texas. As a wedding writer I see inspiration all day long. I wanted to do something different and casual. I wanted images that would be classic years from now and remind us of where we were in our life and marriage. When Rusty and I had our engagement session years ago we were beyond stiff and very posed. While I love those images I knew that I wanted us to have fun and be in our environment. We knew that being in our element of cooking, spending time at home and walking in our neighborhood would help relax us. We are also lucky that we have a big open field right across the street from us. We spent the evening like we normally would by making pancakes and catching our favorite show. The only difference was Dan snapping images.

I need to brag on Dan. He talks to you the whole time and before you know it he says he is all done. You wonder if he really took any pictures. Then you see his work and are amazed. He did a wonderful job capturing real and timeless moments between Rusty and I. He also knew how important Jane Dog was to us and she got her own photo session too. We are so lucky to have been given this sweet gift. The images below are just a few of my favorite! Also for our full love story just click here.


  1. Congrats on your anniversary! You two are adorable!

  2. Such a beautiful shoot - you two look so loved up and happy. Congratulations! x


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