April 16, 2013

Deep Purple Virginia Farm Wedding

The fact that more than ever I am having to add little blurbs to the top of my posts expressing prayers for parts of our country saddens me. I cannot believe the things that happened in Boston yesterday. A true American and historic event cannot even commence in our land without tragedy. It makes me angry, sad and scared all at the same time. I shed tears for Boston, for families, for friends, for rescue officials, for the city, for the runners. I cry big tears for a country so lost. I am encouraged by people who risked their lives to help others. I am encouraged that I serve a big God who knows our plans and future. I am encouraged that I do know there are good people. Pray for guidance. Pray for everyone. Pray for Boston.

Today we need joy and I don't know if I have ever seen as much joy at a wedding as I have with Katie and Chris. Katie is one absolutely gorgeous bride! Her smile is contagious and the way this couple looks at one another is what weddings and marriage are all about. I love the rustic charm, the cowboy boots, the relaxed atmosphere and the dirt floor barn reception. More than ever I am thankful for this couple and their sweet smiles. We all need it to day. Katie and Chris are exactly what this blog is about, a couple who is filled to the top with love and excitement for their life to start together. A big virtual hug to Sincerely Liz Photography for sharing this sweet pair with us!

{From the photographer}
On their wedding day, these two were surrounded by more love and support than almost any other couple I have worked with. That is a bold statement but I was truly blown away by all of the people that were simply joyous about this wedding. Katie and Chris both have great relationships with all of their siblings (7 of them altogether!) and their parents. But the friends! And extended family! Everyone that we spoke with on their wedding day was just so happy for these two. The day was all about celebrating their love and everyone in attendance was thrilled to be a part of it. The enthusiasm was endless.

When Katie and I met at her bridal portrait session, I knew she was going to make my job so easy and comfortable. She was such a laid back, FUN bride (and stunning to boot!). Everything was about enjoyment which you will easily see in the pictures! And her groom, Chris, was so attentive to the needs of everyone around him that he also made our job so easy. He put the boutonnieres on all of his groomsmen himself (I’ve never seen that before! We are usually the ones that do this!) and continued thanking the wedding vendors (including us) for their hard work throughout the night. But his biggest concern? Observing the joy on his bride’s face! Chris lit up the moment he saw Katie coming down the aisle and he did not stop smiling or kissing her all night long. It was the sweetest. thing. ever.

Their wedding was beautiful, fun, and so THEM. As always, we were honored to be a part of their day!

{Vendors} Photographer: Sincerely Liz / Ceremony & Reception: Laurel Springs Farm / Florist: Bridget’s Bouquets / Officiant: Rev. Catherine Swann / Dress: Kleinfeld NYC / Submission: Two Bright Lights


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