March 5, 2013

Stunning Woodsy Elopement Session

Today is a milestone for Lovebird Productions. I am getting the honor of showcasing my first elopement submission. To top it off, Luna Bella Photography sent it to me directly and I find that a complete honor. This is a side note but it amazes me that there are photographers out there who want to be a part of LBP. Yes, I understand that I am a wedding blog but some vendors just surprise me in the best way possible!

Rebecca with Luna Bella is so talented and kind and a friend. She understands my style which just so perfectly works with hers. Rebecca is so energetic about what she does and every bride deserves that! She is an absolute treat and this elopement made me cry partly because I still wished we would have eloped but it is also one sweet couple. There is just something about sneaking away to marry your love in private. It is romantic, crazy and spontaneous. We all need a bit more spontaneity in our lives. Meet Tiffany and Christian and their intimate post elopement session.

{From the photographer}
Tiffany and I grew up together. Her mom was my 2nd grade teacher,and we even took Jazz classes together! We ended up going to the University of Florida and running into each other randomly whether out and about or around campus. Thanks to Facebook, we’ve kept in touch over the years and I was ecstatic when Christian proposed! (At the time, I was not at all even thinking about going into photography.) A few months ago, we chatted and she scheduled a double engagement session (finally!) and had a million ideas! I was thrilled! 

About 2 weeks later, THEY ELOPED! Yup, a small and classy ceremony in Vegas. I was stunned, excited, and so happy for them! Once they got back, we changed their session from an engagement one to an elopement session. WoooHooo! We planned to do the bridal images at Paynes Prairie, just south of Gainesville; however, the fog was so incredibly thick that there was no way those pictures were going to turn out as we had hoped. We quickly scratched that idea (I promised her I’d go back and give it another whirl!) and instead used a beautifully wooded area on campus. The leaves were perfect, the weather was outstanding, and Tiffany & Christian were absolutely stunning.

photography: Luna Bella Photography / blog: Lovebird Productions

{Vendors} Photography: Luna Bella Photography


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  2. So sweet! I love the intimacy and natural setting!

  3. LOVE the dress! It's so perfect for an elopement!


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