March 21, 2013

Q & A: What is Lovebird Productions?

Back before the start of the new year, a lot of changes have happened around here. I have written about them here and here but today I wanted to talk more about this blog. Girl chat okay with you?

Q. So what is Lovebird Productions?

A. I struggled with this for a long time and to be honest, some days I still do. While everything may appear happy over here, things are not all roses.

When 2013 rolled around, I knew that I needed to make some changes in my every day life and work life. I needed and wanted to make some changes to the blog and the name, Lovebird Productions. The biggest thing I decided to stop was producing wedding highlights and films. It still is crazy because that is how I started this blog and have met so many wonderful people. Since making that decision, I haven't looked back.

When revamping some text on my blog the biggest thing I wanted was an old fashioned mission statement. I say old fashioned because so many people overlook a statement of your purpose these days. It was so fun to write! I adore writing motivating and moving text. I contribute it to my days of being a content developer. I guess you can say that I am still developing my own content and voice.

With every post that I push publish on or any tweet that I share, I tend to over think it. This year has been a year of letting go and really pushing myself to let go every day. Goodness, it can be exhausting. I struggle with things that seem so silly. I find myself comparing to another blog or writer. I find myself questioning business decisions and where this blog is headed. The thing about owning your own business is no one tells you what to do. I am constantly stumbling around and figuring things out. The more I think about it, I wouldn't want it any other way. Who wants their life and success planned out? There will always be a new professional group to join, a conference to attend, a new app that you haven't bought yet, a social media thing I didn't even know existed but I am standing today. I am working to kick this funk. The funk that Lovebird Productions isn't good enough because of numbers, statistics or money intake. The funk that it is taking a while to get where I want. The funk that I cannot work 100% on this blog but also hold an office job too. I know that each moment I get to spend to make this blog happen is a little bit of time away from my family but they know how much I love it. I come home from work and blog. I love this space. I am proud to call it mine.

It is time to let it all go. I know there will be tears and frustrations but it is time to let it all go. Just typing those words make me feel 25 lbs. lighter. Let it go, Katie.

Last week I got the nicest compliment and I am clinging to it. My sweet friend Alexandra told me she loved my voice. My voice has been a long time coming and to hear that just one person hears it makes me want to cry and smile all at the same time. Knowing that my voice is clear is a lifelong goal. While I may have down days, the up days are so worth the low ones. I cannot believe that I am living my dream. I am surrounded by people who encourage me and push me to new heights. I am also thankful for a mind that never stops working. My brain is always giving me new ideas and fresh content. This blog is my love child.

So what can you expect with Lovebird Productions?
Lovebird Productions is a blog full to the brim of pretty inspiration for life, relationships & love. Whether it is to inspire a planning bride or help encourage a gal who is in a new relationship, Lovebird Productions is right there with you. This is a place to feel happy, excited & at home.
Each word above is what you can expect. It sets my heart a blaze. I want brides to be encouraged and inspired. I want women in relationships to share and realize that what they are facing is okay. We are women who should stick together. Lovebird Productions is a constant. So grab your coffee, favorite slippers and welcome home.

Image via Bridal Musings.

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