February 18, 2013

Sunshine Filled Hawaiian Engagement Session

Once upon a time (you know it is going to be a good post when it starts like this) I spent two weeks with my toes in Hawaiian sand. It was the summer after I graduated college and I can still feel the sun on my skin and the taste of delicious pineapple. I remember the smell of the air and the pure majesty of the islands. I left a piece of my heart there but no worries, I will go back again.

Creatrix Photography amazes me. Not only does Jenna get to be based in Hawaii plus live near the ocean but she gets to capture stunning couples like Justin and Jennifer. This couple went for a bike ride and spent some time resting in a hammock. Sounds like an ideal engagement session, right? The beauty of the land, this gorgeous couple, pineapple in a bike basket and tranquility. This session is so pretty it almost makes me cry, happy tears of course. What a way to start your Monday!

{Vendors} Photographer: Creatrix Photography / Venue: Haleiwa, HI / Submission: Two Bright Lights


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